Some of my most frequently asked questions and answers

They are currently priced at £50 per level. (hint: if you subscribe to my mailing list, I very occasionally send out discounts there!)

I put out lots of free videos so that you can get a feel for my teaching style and studio setup before you invest in one of my courses. I would definitely recommend checking them out before you sign up; not every teacher is right for every student! You can see some of my videos on my YouTube channel, or try out my free 3 day triplet challenge when you sign up here. Those will give you a good idea of what my lessons are like!

Once you buy a course, you have it for life! Everyone learns at a different pace, and I want you to be able to keep the lessons for reference any time you need.

Whatever you want and currently use! I have a blog post here that you might find helpful if you’re looking for a new drum. Of course, you can always drop me an email or contact me here if you have any questions!

All of my course lessons were professionally filmed and recorded at Gran’s House Studio here in Scotland. I have 3 cameras in action so you can see a main front-on view, tone hand and stick hand up close so that you can always see exactly what I’m doing!

Of course it depends what level of player you are, but I cover a lot across my courses so they are suitable for all levels of players. I would like to point out here that Beginner level goes very in-depth with the tones, and while Intermediate and Advanced levels are the most popular, learning exactly how I play my tones is one of the most important elements in my style of playing.

Good question! 😉 head over to my ‘About‘ page to learn a bit more about me, and follow me on Facebook and Instagram where I share a lot more about my musical ventures, inspiration, and my own learning.

My drum is lovely and sounds amazing. The one I currently play around 90% of the time and the one in all of my videos is my MONss made by Christian Hedwitschak. I’ve owned many drums by different makers over the years and have to say, this is my favourite!